About us

  • Medical technology has grown many folds over the past few decades but access to it hasn’t progressed too much. We at medapp focus on bridging this gap.
  • Today’s modern world requires fast paced technology and IT solutions in many different areas of life. People expect the information they need to be available faster than ever in order to support a wide range of transactions, interactions and activities.
  • This is especially important in our healthcare systems, and medapp can provide what you need to get up to speed with your operations at ground level since we work closely with more than 7000 Nurses Pan India.

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“An onshore leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider.”

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Sample collection

Diabetes Tests

ECG at Site

Wound dressings


Home Nursing Care


Fever Management

Our Services to Business

Diabetes camps

Services to Psoriasis Condition

Oncology camps

Diagnostics & Phlebotomist services

Onsite infustions & Injections

Tailor-made Occupational Health Center

Vaccination services

Government Healthcare Projects

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