• An onshore leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider.
  • Medical technology has grown many folds over the past few decades but access to it hasn’t progressed too much. We at medapp focus on bridging this gap.
  • Today’s modern world requires fast paced technology and IT solutions in many different areas of life. People expect the information they need to be available faster than ever in order to support a wide range of transactions, interactions and activities.
  • This is especially important in our healthcare systems, and medapp can provide what you need to get up to speed with your operations at ground level since we work closely with more than 7000 Nurses Pan India.
  • We emphasise on preventive health care rather than curative. Also we believe in Client centricity – Commit to ‘best outcomes and experience’ for our partners.

“An onshore leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider.”

Our Values


  • Be principled, open and honest..
  • Model and live our ‘Values’.
  • Demonstrate moral courage to speak up and do the right things.


  • Proactively support each other and operate as one team.
  • Respect and value people at all levels with different opinions, experiences and backgrounds.
  • Put organization needs’ before department / self interest.


  • Be responsible and take pride in our actions.
  • Take initiative and go beyond the call of duty.
  • Deliver commitment and agreement made.


  • Continuously improve and innovate to exceed expectations.
  • Adopt a ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • Challenge ourselves to do things differently.

Meet our star nurses

  • 6 years Experience

  • 5 years Experience

Our Services to Customer

Sample collection

Diabetes Tests

ECG at Site

Wound dressings


Home Nursing Care


Fever Management

Our Services to Business

Diabetes camps

Services to Psoriasis Condition

Oncology camps

Diagnostics & Phlebotomist services

Onsite infustions & Injections

Tailor-made Occupational Health Center

Vaccination services

Government Healthcare Projects

Our Objective

Try & bring sophisticated healthcare to a customer’s doorstep with our mobike service

Working closely with Pharma companies to ensure flawless execution of drug tests / health camps are carried out.

We work with highly experienced nurses who have expertise in handling & executing these kind of camps.

We use the latest & most sophisticated instruments to make sure we deliver accurate numbers.

We use technologically advanced testing equipment and trained technicians for reliable reports

We have always been on the forefront of bringing cutting edge medical technology to our partners and we work with labs that are equipped with the latest and the most accurate equipment, to ensure accurate results.

Core Training Module for all nurses – We have Highly qualified (MSE) nurses on board who hold once in a fortnight training for all the Nurses in the company to make sure top quality service is provided.


We provide the latest version of medical equipments at your OHC which will ensure accuracy & time management. We also make sure there are health checkups done to all employees in the unit every quarter as we are inclined towards preventive care rather than curative. This proves to be a huge cost saving to the employer.

We will have a dedicated free Mobike clinic parked at your OHC, even if it is as little as a single sample our nurse will have this collected & a soft copy of the report is sent on priority.

The families of the employess would be provided with all our services at their doorstep as well.

A platform where, our customer’s avail healthcare services as one point solution.

Pre employment check ups / Annual Health check ups for companies

It is a known fact that companies these days not just worry about the revenue or income generated by their employees but also emphasize a lot on their health. We make sure this area is taken care by us completely. We not just ensure timely health check ups are done to employees but also maintain online records for them & provide home care during & mobile services to their families whenever they are in need of it. This way we are a one point solution to all their healthcare.

Health screening program to suit the needs of an individual

With medapp Health Check, every individual’s health check plan is tailor made (as each individual’s susceptibility to develop /manifest a disease differs from the other, based on multiple factors like family history, environmental factors, vital parameters etc). You don’t have to go through a battery of tests just because it is included in the set package. We do a list of priliminary tests to arrive at the rest of the tests we should be doing.

Follow up services

Medapp Health Check is only the initial step to manage your health. We have comprehensive services to follow up the health check with advice and guidance on how to lead a healthy and disease free life. Tracking your health and regular communication with you is an integral component of your medapp Health Check experience.

Meet our star nurses

  • 7 years Experience

  • 6 years Experience

  • 5 years Experience

Our Work culture

Our 3 Pillars of strength are Hustle, Integrity & Generosity. You can experience this across all our offices. We do not follow a specific hierarchy in the company, Rather have an open door policy where any employee can reach out to the management for help.

Our 3 Pillars of strength are Hustle, Integrity & Generosity. You can experience this across all our offices. We do not follow a specific hierarchy in the company, Rather have an open door policy where any employee can reach out to the management for help.

Our Team at Work