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Medapp is a Healthcare logistics solutions provider

that supports pharmaceutical industry, Healthcare Professionals and Organizations in their patient support program and screening needs. We provide array of healthcare services with a level of reliability and consistency that is unparalleled in the industry.

We operate the most comprehensive national network of full-service specialty support and reimbursement programs. Each customized to ensure success of the product and the patients have timely access to the medications/therapies they need and quality care throughout their treatment journey.

  • Give access to leading edge therapy
  • Superior patient outcomes & experiences
  • Drive products, services and delivery differentiation
  • Strengthen patients, pharmaceutical & healthcare professional (HCP) relationships
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As the world grasps to the reality about their available healthcare access, Pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare professionals are equally striving to give a better patient journey to their patients. This is an uphill task for pharmaceutical companies especially for their speciality medicines that treat chronic, serious and rare diseases. These speciality drugs have higher costs, distribution & storage challenges, obstacles in delivering to patients, finally inaccessible to most patients.

Medapp focuses on bridging these gaps by creating solutions that cater to the needs of each of the stakeholders. Broadly our patient support programs include the below, but more sophisticated solutions have been derived.


Healthcare landscape is changing, and patients are at the centre of it. Patients now have access to many services at their convenience but still often need support in opting the most affordable quality service.

  • Medapp has expertise in customizing and offering wide array of healthcare services to customers for primary and preventive care, and further avoid going through the hassle of going to a hospital or clinic for basic care.
  • Our Health advisors help set these up using our thorough network of leading servicing partners at the ease and convenience of the patient

Point of Care services

Set to disrupt how healthcare is accessed in the near future, Point of care is testing (POCT) or Point of care Services(POCs) refers to testing in close proximity to the patient where a medical decision can be made immediately based on the result.

Abilities of point of care are immense, and it gives ability to get early diagnosis results within minutes and not few hours often during which patients must suffer through the sickness.

Medapp has been an early adopter of POCs in its screening and awareness camps, and has helped physicians address patients recovery in a positive way.

Digital Health Adoption

Technology has created abilities that was not foreseen in the healthcare space in the past. Today Technology is driving and helping created an enhanced patient journey and experience. Our Technology wing has been creating such products and helping customers be positioned to reach their vision and goals. We also have array for partners with cutting edge technologies, tools, and abilities that make healthcare access easy.


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Medapp is committed to provide its customers an enhanced healthcare experience. As part of this, we have been striving to create strategic relationship with the best in business and engaged in providing an ecosystem that caters to the most.



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