Healthcare landscape is changing, and patients are at the centre of it. Patients now have access to many services at their convenience but still often need support in opting the most affordable quality service. Our Health advisors help set these up using our thorough network of leading servicing partners at the ease and convenience of the patient.

Medapp has expertise in customizing and offering wide array of healthcare services to customers for primary and preventive care, and further avoid going through the hassle of going to a hospital or clinic for basic care.


Safe and secure home/site sample pickups through a wide network of diagnostic centers around India

  • Diagnostic Packages
  • Health risk based
  • Preventive based


Convenient at the site early diagnosis of patients to help faster decision making abilities from healthcare professionals

  • COVID testing
  • NTPro BNP (cardiovascular)
  • Diabetes detection Kits
  • Infectious disease kits


Bringing nursing care to the site of the patient with trained and skilled labour and wide network of professionals

  • Wound Management
  • Post-Operative Care
  • Post Operative Recovery Care
  • Nursing Care


Build platforms and interaction points to enable faster and convenient access to patients

  • Digital Web /Mobile applications
  • Automations
  • Virtual awareness and engagements
  • App and & API integrations