According to the World Health Organisation, at the beginning of the last decade, chronic diseases accounted for 60% of the 56.5 million deaths in the world. Statistical predication expects worst in 2020. If chronic disease is alarming what are the important ways in which we can prevent and recover. Choosing the health care provider who has well-structured chronic disease management program is the primary option to solve the problem. In this article we will be exploring detail about the chronic disease management.

What is a chronic disease?

A chronic disease is a human disease or health defect that is persistent and often lasts longer that a few months. The most common chronic diseases are high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, heart diseases, and depression. The people who undergo Most times, the person will undergo immense and prolonged treatment to help alleviate the burden that the disease will bring.

What is chronic disease management?

Chronic Disease Management is a continuous support program that provides the essential care giving services after diagnosis. This includes emotional and physical support to help individuals who are enduring chronic illnesses. With the expert knowledge and essential resources the patients are often monitored to recover from the illness. Almost all the services under this are often offered on a daily basis.

Some companies assume that chronic disease management programs are expensive. However it is just a myth. The program is often adding up value to the employees and the organizations overall. Chronic Disease Management is one of the most cost effective ways to help your staffs who are already having the ailments because of chronic conditions. They are offered with best onsite treatment and assistance in recovering from them. This will help in promoting a safer and healthier workplace. Also, it is proven to increase the productivity.

How does Chronic Disease Management work?

Chronic Disease Management Plans are well structured according to the needs of the company and their staff. Each package is tailor made to ensure that you get value for money. These well structured plans help contribute to the welfare of your organisation and the people who make the organisation. Most importantly, these plans ensure that the wellbeing and long term health needs of your staff are well taken care of. These plans help minimise the number of health care visits and reduces the costs of hospital visits and stays.

Chronic Disease Management ensures that the staff member with any of the listed chronic disease is thoroughly assessed by a professional medical specialist. Starting from consultation to pharmaceutical care everything is taken care for the individuals.

After proper consultation and diagnosis a plan is prepared. This plan will include training, treatment and the necessary checkups. Staffs that are willing to participate in the chronic disease management programme must be willing to participate whole heartedly to ensure that their health is well taken care of.

Who helps in assisting for Chronic Disease management?

Participants are well educated by health care professionals and this gives them the power to take better care of their own disease management. Both health care professional and employee are encouraged to work hand-in-hand. Patient and doctor confidentiality will be maintained throughout the program unless otherwise stated by the patient.

MedApp is best at point of care services that brings the coordinated health efforts, where the employer and employee benefits with the chronic disease management. The management programme created by MedApp empowers the individual to take action and control over their own wellness. Ideally, it promotes self management of health and wellness after all that health professionals can do.