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Our Caring Journey

The founders of Medapp believe in the universe creating a ripple effect - when we hold the door for someone and that person benefits from us, he/she, in turn, hold the door for someone else. Since the beginning, we have strongly encouraged this culture and behavior. As a result of this, Medapp has managed to address several social issues of the country.

Today, our area of contribution has been around Healthcare, Financial Aid, Education, Animal Welfare, among many others!



According to The Global Nutrition Report 2016 from World Bank (FSSAI), India stands at 97 on the Hunger Index of 118 nations. Approximately 184 million Indians, among which many are children, are undernourished. Reports reveal that about 48 percent of children under the age of 5 years have stunted growth, 60 percent of children are anemic, and 70 percent of children consume less than 50 percent of the recommended micronutrients.

Also known as hidden hunger, micronutrient deficiency is an inadequate intake of essential vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Vitamin A, and Folate. These vitamins and minerals are needed for the healthy physical and mental growth of children. Not consuming a sufficient amount of these may cause complications in the future, such as a weakened immune system, stunted growth, low energy levels, anemia, or impaired cognitive function.

Nutrition Support for Orphanage

Medapp is committed to helping in reducing the malnutrition gap by providing help in different forms. We have sponsored nutritious fruit juices for all days of one year to a hundred children of an orphanage located in a specific area of East Bengaluru. We have done this as an anonymous sponsor in order to limit the attention of concerned stakeholders.



Distribution of Grocery Kits during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees personally distributed about 150 grocery kits consisting of pulses, basic spices, and vegetables to the needy in and around Mysore. The grocery kit provided would have been sufficient to make a meal for a family consisting of four members for about a week.

Distribution of Meals during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many minimum wage workers struggled to provide a proper meal to their families. Medapp sponsored approximately 3,000 meals with the help of a distribution channel to help the needy.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is one of the major obstacles in achieving many visions and missions. In order to address this effort, Medapp has channeled a few fundraisers.

Monthly Financial Support for an NGO based in Mysore

As a financial aid, since 2018, Medapp has been anonymously sponsoring Rs. 30,000 every month to an NGO in Mysore. The amount sponsored is used primarily for maintenance expenses, pay the daily wage workers, and buy essential items.

Yearly Financial Support for Aashayein Foundation in Mysore

Since 2017, Medapp has been sponsoring Rs. 25,000 yearly for the operational expenses of Aashayein Foundation located in Mysore.

Financial Support for Employees

Medapp is committed to supporting its employees on life-changing events that may require them to opt for a lump sum payment to address the situation and be in a better place mentally. Since 2018, Medapp has encountered 50 such incidents where we sponsored funds ranging between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 50,000 to our employees. Most of these incidents included tuition fees, commute expenses, home advances or rents, and healthcare services. In some cases, we extended our support to the employees’ families for medical emergencies as well.

We take immense pride in sharing that during the pandemic, when most organizations cut down on their employees’ salaries, we increased our employees’ salaries based on their performances and also provided bonuses when certain goals were achieved!



We at Medapp believe that education and knowledge go a long way in providing people with sufficient tools to uplift themselves, achieve their dreams, and become something in their lives. We have been playing our part in reiterating the fact that every citizen of the country has a right to education.

Educational Support for Children

Unlistedkart has been sponsoring three children’s education and other expenses. These are the children of the frontline workers such as office boys or maids of the organization.

Animal Welfare

Most times, animals around us only crave love and care and often get ignored. While we contribute and make the lives better for the people around us, it is essential we take a moment to think about animal welfare. It is important to contribute in the area of animal welfare and care as well.

Animal Care Sponsorship

For the year 2020, founders and employees along with some of their friends contributed and sponsored Rs. 55,000 towards the care of three animals - Indian Leopard, Green Anaconda, Ring-Tailed Lemur from the Mysore Zoo.