Our Team

Krishna Raghavan

Director | Finance

Krishna Raghavan serves as a director in Medapp which is crafted in providing premium health care services. A serial entrepreneur by nature, krishna founded medapp along with Niranjan in the year 2015. With his widespread network in the pharma industry, Krishna plays a key role in acquiring fresh businesses for the company. Krishna strongly feels that a market is not simply taken over, it is created, nurtured and made to thrive.

As medapp cultivates its market, they look forward to solving new challenges in the coming years in the space of Disease Management. Simultaneously, he is also the Dy CEO of Astute Advisors India, which is a financial services company specialising in secondary market products and services and pre ipo stocks. His deep understanding of the financial services industry and with his decade experience across wide spectrum and also his ability to arrive at accurate valuations has always been of significant value to clients.

Krishna deserves the credit for pioneering the secondary business in India and for being instrumental in making astute advisors the single largest dealer of secondary products in PE and RE funds. He also serves as the Dy CEO of Unlistedkart which is known for its acute valuations of Unlisted stocks.