Our Team

Niranjan Swamy N

Founder | CEO

Niranjan N Swamy the founder and CEO of Medapp, incorporated the company with a vision and mission to bridge the gap between quality healthcare services and affordability status of the varied sections of the society. Niranjan after completing his degree in the field of nursing had trained almost five thousand nurses and paramedics; and with 12 years’ experience in Disease Management and Patient Support Programmes, he understood the growing importance of preventive healthcare and India’s economies in being the disease capital of the world, which became the stepping stones for the incorporation of Medapp.

Niranjan’s entrepreneurial journey started in one of the remote areas of India where he was constantly questioned and challenged for the decisions he had taken towards starting Medapp, but with a strong dedication and motivation he integrated the state of art technology with the quality healthcare services, or in other words started the Uberization of healthcare services from a small town in Karnataka with Medapp. Today, his vision has led the company grow fourfold, serving not just to the tier one cities but even to the extreme rural areas of India. This contribution of Medapp to the National and Social Development has been recognised by the Global Achievers Foundation and Niranjan has been awarded for his achievement and remarkable role in bringing up the best solution based healthcare start-up in India.

Today, Niranjan along with his team of experts are focused towards benefiting the society by implementing the various patient support and Disease Management programmes by the large corporates and the Pharmaceutical giants, with an aim of being the national model for implementing the Patient Support and Disease management programmes, and making sure the individuals at needs are benefited from these programmes thus touching lives, saving lives and changing lives of people.