Our Team

Sinu George

Director | Nursing/Training

Sinu George is a Director of the board at medapp.in . She is a master degree holder in Nursing education and administration. She served as a faculty member in a nursing college and shares knowledge and skills to prepare the next generation of nurses for effective practice and develop teaching courses evaluated educational programmes. With her experience, advanced to administrative roles such as managing nursing education programmes and developing continuing education programme for working nurses.

She has conducted continuing nursing education programe in several hospital in various parts of India trained more than 5000 nursing staff on topic like congestive heart failure, diabetes mellitus etc. In 2004, she completed CGFNS exam (Philadelphia board, USA) In 2008, she cleared NCLEX-RN(Florida board, USA) An exam one takes to receive nursing license to work in US and Canada.

In 2012 -2013 she worked for Accenture in a voice process for a health care domain. And with hard working passionate young team comprising individuals both from health and non-health sectors, it’s no surprise that medapp in such a successful and fast growing company in health care industry. It’s her goal to drive our company forward by finding the best and brightest nursing staff to join our team and give continuing education to improve their knowledge in various aspects of nursing service such as nursing practice counselling the patients etc.