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Nabeel Ahmed

Chief Marketing Officer

Nabeel Ahmed is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Medapp. He is responsible for strategic business development, brand managements, brand recognition, marketing strategy, revenue management, organizational design and innovation.

Nabeel has played a vital role in accelerating the growth of Medapp. He led the charge in propelling Medapp from one city to PAN India. Medapp exceled amongst its competition due to Nabeel’s restructuring of operations and by creating regional leaders with direct access to decision makers.

From a young age, Nabeel possessed a strong entrepreneurial spirit as he helped his parents in their family businesses. Throughout his high school and college years, Nabeel was a successful entrepreneur with many business ventures including the founding of an event management company V-events.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Nabeel went to Canada to further his education, only to drop out midway with the intention of applying his business acumen to purpose driven initiatives. While in Canada and visiting USA, he realized the disparity in healthcare between India and other countries. This ignited a passion and Nabeel came onboard Medapp with a clear vision and intention to positively impact people’s lives. He focused on driving Medapp towards helping people in India by improving their access to healthcare. His vision has become a reality as Medapp now has 80% of its presence in rural parts of India, where the need for healthcare is critical.

Nabeel was recognized with the “Young Achievers Award” by Global Achiever Foundation in 2016.

Nabeel’s entrepreneurial mindset, strategic vision, drive and hard work have been crucial in the success of our company.