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As the world grasps to the reality about their available healthcare access, Pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare professionals are equally striving to give a better patient journey to their patients. This is an uphill task for pharmaceutical companies especially for their speciality medicines that treat chronic, serious and rare diseases. These speciality drugs have higher costs, distribution & storage challenges, obstacles in delivering to patients, finally inaccessible to most patients.

Patients on the other hand are demanding superior and smooth health journeys, with convenient access to such medicines/therapies and care. Medapp focusses on bridging these gaps by creating solutions that cater to the needs of each of the stakeholder.

Medapp has proven ground experience in creating screening and awareness camps solutions for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals around therapy areas such as Diabetes, Infectious diseases, Oncology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Rare Diseases, Respiratory, Care Management.

We have executed more than 1200+ screening camps in 48 cities (Tier 1 to 4) and addressed population health for more than 4 Lakh patients so far. Medapp boasts long term relationships with its clients and customers, and have a long list of repeated customers. Talk to us today to know more on how we can help you meet your vision and enable patient centric support programs.

Broadly our patient support programs include the below, but more sophisticated solutions have been derived.


One to one engagement with patients, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders to encourage patient enrolment and reduce drop-outs during the therapy or medication course.

  • Activation & Enrolment Campaigns
  • Screening & Awareness Site setups
  • Adherence Tracking
  • Health Progress tracking

Enable clinical support and drug administration through skilled workforce at the convenience of the patients

  • Home Based Clinical support
  • Drug Administration
  • Medical Tests (Diagnostic / POCs)
  • Medicine Delivery

Personal and non-personal patient education, counselling through stigma and other apprehensions

  • At Home/Site education by Nurse
  • Inbound Support Line (IVRS/ Call Center/ Other Digital Mechanisms)
  • Outbound Calls/SMS/Reminders (IVRS/ Call Center/ Other Digital Mechanisms)
  • Awareness Forums/ Expert Advices etc,.


Enable access to more patients by providing financial assistance for therapy and other medical condition related expenses

  • Loan/ Co-pay management support through partners
  • NBFC/ Insurance models
  • Crowdfunding support through partners
  • Micro Loan Support

Build platforms and interaction points to enable faster and convenient access to patients

  • Digital Web /Mobile applications
  • Automations
  • Virtual awareness and engagements
  • App and & API integrations