Point of Care services

Set to disrupt how healthcare is accessed in the near future, Point of care is testing (POCT) or Point of care Services(POCs) refers to testing in close proximity to the patient where a medical decision can be made immediately based on the result.

Abilities of point of care are immense, and it gives ability to get early diagnosis results within minutes and not few hours often during which patients must suffer through the sickness.

Medapp has been an early adopter of POCs in its screening and awareness camps, and has helped physicians address patients recovery in a positive way.


Enable early diagnosis benefits to patients at clinics and smaller hospital setups

  • Diabetes Retinopathy
  • NT pro BNP ( Early Heart Failure detection)
  • Infectious disease detection kits

Create Customized enrolment campaigns to find the right consumers of healthcare

  • Screening & Awareness Camp setups
  • Population Mapping
  • Medicine Adherence Drives
  • Drug administration

Customized care programs to manage PSPs of various therapy areas:

  • Diabetology
  • Oncology
  • Cardiovascular
  • Respiratory
  • Chronic Diseases


Services related to identifying and managing Pandemic and rare/infectious diseases

  • COVID testing
  • HIV and other communicable diseases
  • Vaccination Setup and Drives
  • Counselling