Point Of Care

We at Medapp have understood the challenges when it comes to population healthcare needs and have co-created a very unique model of point of care, which addresses the healthcare needs of individuals at the most convenient and cost effective manner.

The aim over here is to reduce the timeframe that traditional method of diagnostics used to take,where with the advanced and sophisticated equipment, technology and trained staffs we are able to deliver the accurate diagnostics results for the faster treatment and recovery of the individual.

In order to address immediate healthcare concerns, POC testing can be carried out in a variety of locations by first responders, radiologists, nurses and other healthcare providers at pharmacies, clinics, ambulances, care facilities and homes.

Point of care is of immense value in conditions like testing Diabetes Retinopathy using Fundoscopy, COPD assessment using Spirometer, NT Pro BNP for early detection of Chronic Heart Failure, etc.

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