Patient Support Program

There has been an increase in the shift of mindset of a pharmaceutical companies from being product oriented to patient oriented on dealing with certain type of therapy. Patient support Program has been widely used services amongst Pharmaceutical companies –initiatives to improve access to, usage and adherence to a therapy.

In fact, spending on such initiatives has risen to nearly threefold in recent years. The major objective on having this patient centric approach is being driven by greater patient involvement and awareness, increase emphasis on clinical outcomes by HCPs, rise of drug patent expiry thereby creating more number of generic products in the market and growth of specialty drugs like Autoimmune, Oncology that require additional patient support.

The label ’Beyond the pills’ describe the value added support services to reinforce adherence to the therapy. Patient support program may broadly include various types of service that can fit in to different therapy class which can shorten the time a patient would adopt the therapy, drive adherence, and create a differentiator by delivering an improve customer satisfaction and better clinical outcomes.

Our Patient support model comprise of Activation of patient by simple screening for early detection of disease till adherence of the therapy, however each therapy area comprises of different needs and solutions to cater and hence it is completely customized in approach.

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