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With an increase in the availability of healthcare access, healthcare professionals, and the pharmaceutical industry have been striving to provide a better patient journey to their patients. It proves to be a difficult task for pharmaceutical companies, especially for medications that help treat severe, chronic, and rare diseases. Drugs for such diseases come with several challenges such as higher costs, delivery to patients, storage and distribution problems, and inaccessibility to most patients. On the other hand, patients demand smooth health journeys along with easy and convenient access to these medications and care.

Medapp focuses on removing these gaps by providing solutions that are beneficial to all the organizations involved in giving a smooth health journey to the patients.

Medapp has years of experience in providing solutions to healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies. These solutions include creating screening and awareness camps around therapy areas such as Oncology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Diabetes, Infectious Diseases, Rare Diseases, and Care Management.

So far, Medapp has executed over 1200 screening camps in more than 48 cities (including tier 1 to tier 4 cities). We have addressed more than four lakh patients and provided them with a smooth health journey.

Medapp has long-term relationships with its customers and clients and has many repeated customers as well. Get in touch with us today to know more about our patient support programs and how you can benefit from them!

Our patient support program includes:

  • Enrollments and Follow-ups
  • Clinical Support, Drug Administration, and Intervention
  • Education, Counseling, and Awareness
  • Financial Assistance and Support
  • Engagement via Technology


In order to encourage patient enrollment and reduce the number of drop-outs during the course of medication or therapy, Medapp has implemented a one-to-one engagement strategy with patients, healthcare professionals, and other stakeholders. It includes:

  • Activation & Enrolment Campaigns
  • Screening & Awareness Site setups
  • Adherence Tracking
  • Health Progress tracking

To ensure the comfort and convenience of the patients, Medapp has enabled clinical support and drug administration strategies through the workforce. It includes:

  • Home Based Clinical support
  • Drug Administration
  • Medical Tests (Diagnostic / POCs)
  • Medicine Delivery

Medapp provides its patients with personal and non-personal education, counseling through stigma, and other apprehensions. It includes:

  • At Home/Site education by Nurse
  • Inbound Support Line (IVRS/ Call Center/ Other Digital Mechanisms)
  • Outbound Calls/SMS/Reminders (IVRS/ Call Center/ Other Digital Mechanisms)
  • Awareness Forums/ Expert Advices etc,.


Medapp provides financial assistance or support to patients who may need it for their therapy or medication expenses. It includes:

  • Loan/ Co-pay management support through partners
  • NBFC/ Insurance models
  • Crowdfunding support through partners
  • Micro Loan Support

Medapp has built platforms and interaction points to ensure convenient and faster access to its patients. It includes:

  • Digital Web /Mobile applications
  • Automations
  • Virtual awareness and engagements
  • App and & API integrations