Pre- Pandemic – Conventional
PSP from multiple providers

Power lay with the Pharma company and the HCP as they controlled access

However, this model was based on a process that was largely dependent on physical contact. The “social distancing” and strict COVID prevention policies meant that the model was unviable. Both pharmaceutical companies and PSP providers needed to rethink the entire PSP model and design and implement one that was better suited for the COVID and post pandemic era.

Pre- Pandemic (PHY-DIGITAL)
Post pandemic(100% DIGITAL)
Selection of patient for the program
Doctor decides and Company
defined eligibility through
PSP provider
No PSP. Doctor decides eligibility and
drug or services supplied through
online pharmacy (Only Rx needed)
or through custom built app

Verification of patient identity
Largely physical as documents
needed to be submitted and
forms like consent forms signed
Both document submission and
consent are now online

Access to drug or
services e.g., diagnostic
tests, physiotherapy
Patient needed to physically go
to pharmacy for drug or lab for
test though some provided
both at home
Both are necessarily delivered
at home through PSP provider
(online pharmacy) or
third-party partner

Monitoring of patient condition
Part of PSP and provider had
call center or counselor
Not part of digital PSP. If there then
is mostly digital through online
meeting apps (zoom)

Follow up and tracking outcomes
Included in PSP services.
Counselor interacted with
patient to record outcomes
Not part of digital PSP

Digital Platform - Basic post pandemic psp model

Post- Pandemic – NEXT GEN PSP from MEDAPP : Power lies with the Patient Community digital

Limitations of the Post Pandemic model

  1. Pharmaceutical companies no longer control access to the PSP. Hence, cannot be sure of patient profiles included in the program. The program may include both approved and unapproved indications as discretion in patient selection lies with the doctor only.

  2. Partnering with online pharmacies for running PSP means complete loss of company and product branding as well as inability to provide services other than drug supply as customization of PSP is difficult in this situation.

  3. Difficult to track patients and follow up on outcomes

NEXTGEN PSP FROM MEDAPP- Benefit for prospective Customers

1. We help build a Patient Community of intrest to you (E.g.Rare disease and specialty)

2. We help the community improve its health outcomes by strengthening patient advocacy capabilities through training and empowering their representatives (NGO or patients Groups)

3. We build digital crowd funding platform for the patient community to reduce payments to platform provides outside community

4. We empower the community run comprehensive disease specific programs involving the important stakeholders like government and corporate sponsors

5. We strive to find partners like PONSIST that will help them improve outcomes for the community through greater engagement and collaboration among HCP

6. We enable companies build their brands through branded awereness PR and educational initiatives

7. We analyze Patients profile, experiences and current health status and challenges to the community

8. We provide valuable insights to prospective customers that can shape their marketing or doctor/patient engagement programs

the power should the patient
community of interest to you .

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